When Giving Up Is Not An Option

In some cases as humans, we are so quick to give up.

The number of times have we been denied and decided to stop?

How typically do we take rejection as an indication that it’s not meant to be?

Look for others’ approval prior to running after our dreams?

Feel defeat due to the fact that things are not going our way?

As a refugee, I began dealing with rejection at a very young age. For starters, I left my nation when I was 8 years of ages and had to fend for myself when my moms and dads disappeared for a period of 2 weeks. When I eventually reunited with our moms and dads, my naive self thought I was returning house to Rwanda. This didn’t happen. We went to live in refugee camps where we dealt with death right in the eyes every day. In these camps, malaria, cholera, typhoid, etc. declared over half of the refugees in the camp. We would get up every day and find ourselves surrounded with dead bodies. At this moment, l seemed like life wasn’t worth living. This was excessive for my little 8 years of age brain and body to handle. Fear was my best friend.

One day I went to Lake Kivu to bring water and wash a shirt my mom had actually purchased me and laid on a “log” to assist me swim towards the t-shirt (I couldn’t swim) and when I made the small leap to get my t-shirt, the log turned and it was a dead body. There was insufficient room to bury bodies so these bodies were being thrown in the lake. We utilized this water for drinking, cooking, cleaning clothing, meals and our bodies. Life wasn’t fair. I wished to give up.

When my family eventually got to the USA, I was bullied in high school for being “various”. Every day, I would wish to quit going to school because I had suffered so much. It seemed like life was not offering me a break. In my adult life, I lost a child at 27 weeks pregnant. Nobody could explain why it occurred. I was told it’s like entering into an automobile mishap. I felt lost and angry and numerous more feelings. After this, I truly wanted to quit.

However even with all these life shattering experiences, quiting was not an option. I needed to be resistant. Resistant for my young kid, resilient for my family, resilient for my country and resistant for the world. I wish to leave this world a better place for the future generation.

So I put myself to college, started being involved on school, began my public speaking journey, got a master’s degree with a 3.9 GPA, and composed a book about my journey, hoping that a tired soul, one who is just tired of living and wanted a break, one that’s on the edge of giving up would get the book, hear my story and decide to keep pressing.

How numerous people are stating NO to you? Are tired of your bills and are simply stressed? Have a teen that runs out control and are ready to surrender? Can’t get telemarketers to stop calling you? Can’t get those sales numbers high enough for your supervisor? Can’t get your service off the ground? Going through a health crisis? How many times have you wanted to give up and inform yourself “I Can’t”? Next time you wish to give up, remember my story and say to yourself, if that 8 years of age woman can do it, so can I. Yes You Can and Never Ever Give Up! Your family depends upon your strength. Your service depends on your durability. Humankind depends upon your resilience.

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I wanted to offer up.

After this, I truly wanted to offer up.

Even with all these life shattering experiences, giving up was not an option. How numerous times have you desired to provide up and inform yourself “I Can’t”? Next time you want to provide up, remember my story and state to yourself, if that 8 year old woman can do it, so can I. Yes You Can and Never Ever Provide Up!

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