Video shows officers saving animals from shelter as wildfire approaches

Video shows police officers in the Northern California of Vacaville racing to save 60 cats and dogs as a wildfire threatens a local animal shelter.

Brave members of the Vacaville Police Department raced against the clock to evacuate the animals trapped inside the animal shelter.

A total of 67 animals were in the fire’s path — including a python.

“We had a short window to get out as many animals as we could before we knew we had to evacuate,” Officer Carly Stone told ABC News.

“I ended up with three dogs in my car that night,” Stone said. “I had nowhere to put the dogs, they seemed to be happy to be with me, so we just went to work and started evacuating houses for a few hours until I could get them back into the SPCA.”


No animals were injured in the fire and all made it back to the shelter — though many of the animals are in the process of being adopted.

“We’ll probably end up with a total of 12-15 animals that are with their rescuers,” said Debbie Dillon with the SPCA.

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