The Ziglar How To Stay Motivated Audio

“How To Stay Motivated – The Ziglar Audio” by Zig Ziglar is an interesting little book. I did not quite realize that Ziglar was a motivational speaker before I listened to this audio. It’s a quick listen, but it does have a lot of advice and examples. Ziglar talks about how you need to use visualization to help keep you motivated. This can be an excellent tool when you are having difficulties or falling behind in your career or at home.

zig ziglar how to stay motivated audio

One of the best parts of the audio is when Ziglar relates stories from his own life. He says that reading books helps him remember things he has read before and that it makes him stronger mentally. In this audio you learn just as many things as you would from a book. It is mostly motivational but there is some excellent advice on how to be more effective at work. It would have been nice to have a book like this with a more managerial perspective, but this one is excellent.

The book contains over forty short chapters and then the main body of the audio is about ten short chapters that cover everything from motivation, self confidence, gratitude, to perseverance. I really liked the chapters and found myself really wanting to learn more. There are several situations in which you might want to reread what Ziglar has said before. I am sure that most people will find something to apply in their lives.

I do like that Ziglar provides motivation through examples rather than stories. He uses real life examples of what worked for him and what did not work for him. That makes it easier for the reader to follow along and to see the results Ziglar is talking about. Most people do not have the same kind of background and accomplishments that Ziglar has. Having the right motivation can be hard to find.

The Ziglar How To Stay Motivated Audio is easy to listen to and most people do not need a coach to help them achieve this goal. It is not too motivating. It is realistic with a message that could help anyone who wants to make their dreams come true. The audio is only fifty nine minutes long, but it feels like an hour long. It is well paced with quick references to exercises.

One thing I thought the Ziglar How To Stay Motivated Audio lacked was a chapter devoted to motivation by numbers. There were a couple of suggestions on number of hours in a day that could be used to increase motivation. The problem is that if you try to use just one or two pieces of advice it can be difficult to keep focused and motivated. A better way to handle this would have been a full chapter devoted to motivation by numbers.

Even though the Ziglar How To Stay Motivated Audio is motivating, there are still some parts that could use improvement. I felt that some of the encouragement for completing the program might be a little too personal and based in your own life. I think the audio would work better if it was based on a couple of books that others have also read. By reading and rereading the Ziglar book, you can gain insight into the motivation methods used in the book.

The Ziglar How To Stay Motivated Audio is definitely worth the cost and is a great way to learn about motivation and achieve more. It has helped me get my goals and I continue to use the strategies that I learned in the audio. I believe this book could help you improve your life and motivate you to achieve even more. It is well worth the investment.

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