Secrets of Success from People Over 100 Years Old

Secrets of Success from People Over 100 Years Old

It is always nice to sit down with the elderly and learn about their lives. You can really learn a thing or two and gain knowledge and wisdom from talking with them. They have seen, heard, and experienced life more than anyone you will meet. I find it is also respectful to show they are important to us and still offer great value to the world.

Here are 5 success rules from the video:

(for the other 7 please visit the source of the video:

1. Put God before all else, be optimistic and positive. Faith in God can carry us through the hardest of times.

2. Love and nurture yourself and others especially in your marriage and relationships. Don’t hold back on sharing your feelings. Tell people you love them.

3. Make the most of your marriage and don’t give up on your spouse, give it your all. Help each other, be loyal and faithful.

4. Take care of your body eat well, exercise and stay active.

5. Whatever you’re doing give it your all and don’t waste your time work toward your goals.

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