Paralyzed Football Player Walks Down Aisle at His Wedding

Paralyzed Football Player Walks Down Aisle at His Wedding

Chris Norton was paralyzed from the neck down during a college football game in 2010. The groom just took precious steps down the aisle after he was given only a 3 percent chance of ever walking again. Chris’ life took a beautiful turn when he met Emily. Last weekend, after tying the knot, he walked his bride up the aisle. They were the hardest but most miraculous steps of his life. source:

This story is incredible and makes you have gratitude for the things you have that seem so simple, yet could be taken away at any moment. Chris’s determination and willpower to beat the statistic of only a 3% chance to have any sort of movement from the neck down is incredible and unheard of. This is a miraculous story as well as proof that the human body is incredible and can heal itself if you believe and put in the effort.

If you have or know someone that has gone through something like this, overcame the impossible, let us know in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by!

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