Olympic Gold Medalist Scott Hamilton Shares His Secret For Victory & Success

Olympic gold medal winner, Scott Hamilton as many of us know is a retired figure skater whose life has basically played out like a tumultuous film before our eyes. We shuddered and felt his pain and disappointment when he fell in front of thousands of people during competitions. We also cheered happily along with him when he won his Olympic gold medal. He is a great model of perseverance and success. His wisdom through hard-earned lessons and even failures strongly shines through in this interview. Scott gives us a great reminder that Jesus and our faith will always carry us through hard times. We are tested during our challenges and after we overcome we are stronger because of it; we grow in love, wisdom and learn true compassion. If we are open to learning trials can change us for the better and teach us more profoundly than if we were just to sit and listen to the lesson. Scott’s trials have led him to establish a wonderful charity for cancer research and support for its survivors. He is a great example of someone taking life’s lemons and through the Lord’s help turning them into lemonade and coming out a winner. In Christ we are always victorious, and that reminded us of this scripture.

Mathew 19:26 Jesus looked at them and said, “For human beings this is impossible, but for God all things are possible.”(1)

source: faithreel.org/olympic-medalist-scott-hamiltons-recipe-victory/

We all grew up watching Scott Hamilton and his famous flips and triple axles on the ice during the Olympics. This is a truly inspirational story we hope you enjoyed.

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