Motivational Water Bottle – AQUANEÜ 30oz Water Bottle Review

Water is the source of life. We are, after all, mostly water. Everyday people are touting the advantages of drinking more water. It can reduce premature aging by keeping your skin and body hydrated. Drinking more water supposedly helps reduce migraines, slow the progression of polycystic kidney disease, clears skin problems, helps with arthritis, helps in the recovery from colds, helps heal bladder infections, and even helps prevent kidney stones. And everyone knows that hydration is essential for fitness. With all of the amazing health benefits that water alone can provide, it makes sense to want to drink more of it, but many of us are too busy to keep track of how much water we drink. It seems like it’s almost impossible to drink the recommended amount of water sometimes, let alone any more than that.

motivational water bottle

A solution to this problem is a great motivational water bottle that reminds you of your goals. I love how motivational water bottles even have handy markers to help you keep track of how much water you are drinking during the day, with measurements for both time and volume. This is exactly the kind of life hack that busy people need to stay on top of their health. Instead of it being a chore to drink water, a motivational bottle keeps your thinking positive and motivates you to achieve the healthy results you are striving for. It solves the problem of wondering why you feel so tired at 4PM, and realizing it is because you didn’t drink any water at all, all day long.  With a motivational water bottle, your 4PMs are transformed into afternoons you are ready for.

aquaneu 30oz water bottle
motivational water bottle

The positive words on the motivational water bottle may be providing an additional unseen benefit by creating positive energy. According to Dr. Masaru and the experiments he has done on water, frozen water crystals that form inside of containers with positive words or affirmations on them form more beautiful crystals than those with negative words or statements. This idea implies that by covering the container holding your water with positive statements that the water itself would begin to embody some essence of that positive energy which would be transmitted to you when you consumed the water. Now this is all rather metaphysical, but don’t you love the idea of drinking water that is infused with positive energy radiating into every pore and filling you with health? It’s absolutely mind blowing.


By now your probably wondering how much water this amazing bottle is going to tell you to drink every hour, right? It is set at a very reasonable six ounces per hour, with a handy reminder to refill your bottle at noon, or at lunchtime. By spreading out your water consumption more evenly throughout the day you are more likely to absorb the water and maintain consistent hydration providing you with enhanced physical and mental performance.  A motivational water bottle will inspire you to reach your goals while leaving you feeling better than before.

The AQUANEÜ 30oz  Motivational Quotes Water Bottle is top notch and the only one you need to help you drink more water every day. It comes in different colors including: Aqua, green apple, orange tangerine, pink, and purple.

It has a time marker that helps with reminding you to drink throughout the day. it is 100% BPA FREE Tritan Plastic and Shatter proof, leak proof, and dishwasher safe.

It also comes with a sip straw for easy drinking.

Pick this up today from the link below.

motivational water bottle

motivational water bottle


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