Motivation to Stop Procrastination – Real Life Tips

Do you have those days when you simply aren’t encouraged or motivated to follow through on your good objectives?

You’re lethargic, stuck in procrastination, and just can’t appear to get started. On days when I don’t seem like meditating, working out, composing, cooking healthy food, or doing anything I really need/want to do, I’ve discovered an easy formula to get me going: low expectations and an easy warm-up.

Here is a link to the official definition of procrastination.

Start with low expectations!

I start with low expectations by informing myself, “If I do a little, that benefits today.” I typically define “a little” as half or less of exactly what I may generally do. For example, with my workout, it may be 10 minutes of cardio, instead of 30, and one set of 5 strength workouts, instead of two sets of 10 exercises. With writing, I tell myself I’ll just write a paragraph or more. Since I’ve done more in the past, I know this lower quantity will be easy.

Low expectations in place

With my low expectations in place, I begin with an even easier warm-up, something that seems like absolutely nothing at all. For exercise, I just begin moving. This might be a walk or riding a stationary bicycle with little resistance. If I’m writing, I start with one sentence of any quality. I just get something written down.

The internal juices start to flow

Once I have actually gotten myself moving in this little, simple way, I typically discover the internal juices start to flow. With exercise, I start to breathe a little deeper, feel a little looser, and my energy increases. With composing, concepts enter your mind, associations click in, and I typically discover myself in the circulation.

The I start feeling good about my efforts

Usually, I exceed my low expectations and wind up feeling excellent about my efforts. I keep in mind why I wished to do exactly what I’m doing. It feels good. It’s taking me somewhere I want to go. It helps me feel productive, purposeful, and alive! At this minute of feeling good, make certain you tape-record this experience in your memory. Then, you can remember this favorable feeling of “remaining in the circulation” to support you to obtain going the next time.

Remember to start with an activity that is small

Now, if I do a little workout and a little writing every day, it’s much easier to stay in the flow. It’s simpler to be consistent with a little workable action. That’s the power of having an intentional daily practice to grow something that is essential to you-be it your health, relationships, business, art, or spiritual development. Small constant actions are the building blocks of huge achievements. They’re the key to much deeper significance, purpose, and performance.

And, if I just don’t seem like doing something about it– if I discover myself hesitating– I go back to my low expectations and simple warmup to get me going again. If getting started is the hard part, make getting going as simple as possible.

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4 thoughts on “Motivation to Stop Procrastination – Real Life Tips

  • May 9, 2018 at 5:54 am

    Starring small certainly helps! I think for myself there is also the missing step which is to make sure you properly define what it is that you want to motivate yourself to do! I procrastinate most often because the task that I picked is too nebulous and I haven’t given it enough thought! 🙂

  • May 12, 2018 at 11:15 am

    Great tips (reminders)! Thanks! ??
    I keep trying to press the ‘like’ button and no matter how many times I’ve visited your site, it just keeps ‘loading…’ so I never can like your posts ?


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