Motivation to Read a Book – Why Books are so Great

I am a book reader as far as I can remember. Personally, I’d rather spend my time reading a book than watching TV (unless I got a business, I would watch TV, just have fun about what’s going on). So what reasons can I share why others would like to consider reading a book a priority activity in their personal lives?

Top 10 Tips for Motivation to Read a Book

1) Reading books can help you become more productive with your time. If you have nothing to do while you wait for something to happen when you follow your schedule, you better read a book. While waiting for time, you can just read something good from a book. While you’re waiting for traffic to move or at your destination, you can also read a few pages of a book (it’s another problem if you’re driving it – you’ll need to listen to an audio book or books in a different format) . Or read a book for someone who is driving and who’s ready to listen, if that works for you.

2) Reading a book is just like undergoing training and learning in one role, no matter how some have questioned how people can actually learn or train using a book. I remember a question asked by my graduate school teacher, who is an expert corporate trainer who can ask the class or book to actually train people. He was in a way of speaking, and doubted the use of books in training. I said differently and explained myself. Well, he was not convinced by my ideas (basically, books give ideas that apply to you in your daily situations), and I thought he should have taken it to me. But still I hold my position on books that are both a good training and learning tool. You apply what you read from books in life, and you revise, if you made mistakes. So you learn in the process – facilitate books than train and learn.

3) Books are good companions, especially if you are in situations that describe others as “getting rough, the rough goes” phase. When friends are unbearable to find out, you can only consider reading books for some unclear and varied personal reasons. Your search between pages of a book can help to relieve whatever it is. Read two pages or up to 10 pages a day, and this meets your (read) needs.

4) You read all about the main beings, both supernaturally and naturally, through books. Remember, even God wrote a book, in the form of the Bible (which of course is done by humans like we are). So, from the beginning, you will come across these beings (as a result) when reading them from books.motivation to read a book

5) You learn amazing stories that define and explain the mystery and profundity of human experience. You can read literature, contemporary books, religious books, history books, even technical books (“they give instructions on what to do”), poetry, and you still hear about great stories that will always inspire you. You’ll see some kind of exposure to what the ‘truth’ is by reading the pages of these books promising to tell you good stories.

6) The habit of reading books makes you living among the great and highly respected people who lived on earth. There are just so many of these people who have delivered books in their habits. Just Google about famous people who read books, and you’ll get a list of pages where you would see names of famous people who have the book view. You are in good condition if you have read books.

7) (Tong-in-cheek!) People reading books look smart (although they are not necessarily smart) – this can be an interesting feature to show others to create a positive image, unless You do not appreciate a ‘smart look’, which you might find more than anything else. And did you notice that most people who are rich have a stack of books that are shown or displayed or held in their homes? This only means reading books can help you become smarter (or even richer if we stretch it out!).book reading motivation

8) Books make great gifts! Or you publish a book that you think someone else has to read for a particular reason you have in mind, or you want a book from that person (or have indicated indirectly that he / she wants to read and read). Take a book from the bookstore, or just give out a gift that you have not read for any event. People who received books as gifts would be satisfied (or maybe ask your motives), but the message will certainly come true.

9) It’s always cool to read books in emerging technology platforms, just like connecting to something innovative or even revolutionary. This has been the case since the man invented the print. Even for the blind, new technologies and platforms need to be developed so that they have more access to reading (as well as writing). For the rest of us, we can now instantly book our mobile phones (usually in text format), Amazon’s Kindle, on your PC or laptop, or from an audio book (though it’s listening), as well as newer read relations technologies that are coming to market soon offered.

10) Finally, books are artworks themselves. Sample artworks, can help lift our minds and constantly search for what is beautiful in the life of the difficulties can literally be found under the pages of books. Have you seen Taschen’s published books? Or that of Phaidon Press? Their books can be considered as impressive works of art. There is a lot of work that involves the processing of a book, other than an author’s act. There are editors, printers, publishers, agents, marketing people, critics, among others. Until the arrival of the internet (where you can publish a book yourself), it is a labor intensive attempt to set up a book. It takes a lot of work in the brain to publish a book and get into your hands, so for goodness, read a book.

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