Joy: The Objective-Can Money Buy You Happiness?

Cash can purchase happiness in a sense, but just for a restricted time! Let me explain. You see, cash must be integrated with the consciousness that understands how to utilize the money to benefit the person with the money. Cash or anything else, just possessed for its own sake does not work, and even creates unhappiness by not being used productively. Certainly, genuine winning comes from using things right and being really productive in every manner in which genuinely counts.

When I think of happiness and performance, there is a shocker:

I consider Ebenezer Scrooge, in the past and after the ghosts visited him in Charles Dickens story “A Christmas Carol”. Sure, we can all hoard up wealth, however if we do not ultimately enjoy it or utilize it productively, what is it worth actually? Nothing. This is why I always like to say that we must concern the awareness that wealth for the sake of “simply having wealth” is not wealth.

Using it proficiently, realistically and with growth qualities is close to real wealth, however still not quite there. Being of genuine service and enjoying what you do genuinely in every way and developing a great living at it is there. That is where real wealth and happiness is. Sure, you can argue that “Are not lottery winnings without work except buying a ticket genuine wealth, too?” I would state, unless they are proficiently utilized right, they are not wealth.

It is likewise rare that those lottery winners know what to do genuinely with a lot of money also.

In reality, that is another case of wealth for the sake of wealth without consciousness in the cases where individuals end up poorer than in the past since they do not understand what to do.

I am not against wealth, but, I recommend happiness to be efficiency integrated with wealth.

Sure, I could state the requirement, “get all you can” type article. Here, however, I want to enter the deeper elements of wealth and joy that really work to make better presences and lives. Ebenezer Scrooge got his get up call and this could be yours if you let it be.

I will state that this is a “get all you can and use it appropriately as you can and should” short post. That is what I imply. In my modest opinion and my reality, real wealth is combined with happiness in an efficient way, or it is the most objective of hardship.

One thought on “Joy: The Objective-Can Money Buy You Happiness?

  • October 18, 2018 at 7:42 am

    Coming from a poor background, it took me a while to understand that money is a wonderful tool that can provide so much freedom – you just have to learn how to respect it and how to make it work FOR you. I agree that if you can’t find happiness without money you will never be happy when you finally do have a healthy bank balance, but it took me decades to figure it all out and I’m still very much learning! ? Thanks for sharing your thoughts ??


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