Inner Guidance: Do Some People’s Childhoods Set Them To Look Elsewhere For Responses?

It can be simple for someone to believe that they would not know anything if it wasn’t for their time in the education system. The info that they were fed throughout this time in their life would then have actually played a big part in who they are today.

Taking this into account, it would have been as though one was a blank slate and the info that was put into them belonged to what allowed them to function. This is likely to have actually been a time when one wasn’t motivated to bring forth what was within them.

A Waste of Time

However, if one was just a blank slate, then there would have been no reason for this to happen. These authority figures around them at the time would have known exactly what was right for them.

Furthermore, their caretakers may have acted as though they understood exactly what was best for them when they were not at school. Therefore, after they had actually gotten guidance from these individuals, they would have had the ability to live their own live.

No Various

This is then going to be a really similar technique to what would occur if one wished to drive a car or to use a piece of machinery, for instance. They will not understand anything, so they will need somebody else to reveal them exactly what to do.

It might then be stated that their mind is the only part of them that will know anything, and this part of them will have been programmed by what has happened externally. One is then nothing more than a maker.

The Knowledge Body

This can sound precise, but what it would ignore is that a person’s mind is not the only part of them that knows anything. In addition to their mind, there is what is occurring in their body.

The info that is discovered here likewise connects to who they actually are, rather than who they have been conditioned to be. Here, one can feel linked to all that is, and being in touch with their body can permit them to feel in one’s bones things.

The Initial step

When someone has a strong connection to their body, they will know what their true requirements and sensations are. From here, they will be able to reach out for the info that they have to move forward.

For example, one might have a strong need to assist others and this might suggest that they will wish to end up being a nurse. What is within them will have caused then to take this action and this is why they will want to go to university, for instance.


On the other hand, if one isn’t really in touch with their body and their mind is where their attention resides, they can end up wishing to do something for the incorrect factor. Through being in their mind, they can be more cornered with pleasing others.

One can then wind up doing something for the wrong reason, and this can trigger them to participate in the incorrect kind of training. Pleasing others may make them feel great in the short-term, but it will not do a lot for them in the long-term.

A Time and A Place

Info from the outdoors world is going to play a part, yet this details is not supposed to change the info that is within them. In the exact same way as a supplement is not supposed to change a genuine meal.

However, if somebody has actually been raised in a culture that is everything about adding details and not bringing info out of people, it is going to be normal for this to happen. In many ways, this resembles stopping a plant from having the ability to produce its own flowers and adding incorrect ones instead.

Completely Misguided

One’s time in the education system would have mostly been about getting them to think like everyone else. Therefore, not just would they have the exact same uniform as everyone else; they would likewise have developed the exact same views.

This sort of education is about control, implying that it is fear-based, and it gets people ready to join a rotten system. Still, although the type of conditioning that somebody receives is going to play a big part in whether they are in touch with their body’s wisdom, there is something else that can play a part.

A Big Effect

If someone has experienced injury, it can trigger them to disconnect from their body and to lose touch with their inner guidance while doing so. So, if one was raised in an environment that was violent, it might have triggered them to leave their body.

Living it their mind will be what feels safe, and this would have occurred without them needing to consider it. The downside to this is that while this will be exactly what feels safe, it will stop them from being able to tune into their inner guidance.

Out of Balance

As a result, one can live a life that is not extremely fulfilling; they may even believe that their life has no significance. Being this way will make them look outside for assistance – it might seem as though the answers they need are ‘out there’.

One could then look towards some sort of master or somebody with a strong intelligence to give them the answers that they frantically require. If they were to ask somebody who has their feet firmly on the ground, they might be motivated to look within themselves.


If one can relate to this, and they wish to develop a strong connection with their body, it might be a good idea for them to connect for external assistance. This is something that can be supplied by a therapist or a therapist.

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    This is a really in depth and unique look at how we participate in repressing our own selves. I have spent decades learning to rewire the parts of my brain that don’t contribute to my highest well being, and love this blog post. Shared it on twitter and fb for others.


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