How to Stay Motivated When Writing a Book

You may be wondering how to stay motivated when writing a book. There are two major ways to approach the issue of writing a book, one being the traditional “just write” method and the other being more modern and more involved. With the “just write” method, you will generally begin to feel the need to go get some coffee or take a break from typing for a bit. Once you get through the first draft of your book, however, the desire to continue should quickly fade away, as it has done with many writers over time.

how to stay motivated when writing a book

The “new way” to approach how to stay motivated when writing a book, on the other hand, often involves a period of sitting down with a notebook, pen and paper. You start by writing down the inspiration or book-related thoughts that enter your mind at different points throughout the day. You may notice a specific song, movie, vacation spot or other thought that seems to come into your head over again as you are driving, walking to work or just in general sitting down and staring at the wall. As you start focusing more on the thoughts that enter your mind, the more you begin to write them down.

What you may not realize is that you may be subconsciously applying these ideas toward writing the book. Over time, the notes you have written can begin to make sense of the events and scenes you are reading about. Eventually, the book you are writing will contain all of these notes, and they will all tie together into a coherent plot. Because you are taking notes on your inspiration as you write, you are building a library of great ideas for your next project.

While you are taking notes on the ideas you are inspired by, you can also start making connections to the characters in the book. You might notice that there are certain details, emotions or places that seem to be connected to one another. Maybe the neighbor who gave you the good luck from the previous generation has a similar address that you found on an old school map, or perhaps the dog you chased last summer resembles one of the characters from that book. These small connections will eventually lead you to more information about the main character, and your staying power will increase.

In addition to keeping track of your inspiration as you are writing, you should also create some kind of system to remind yourself of your goal. There are many ways to do this, but one of the most effective is to set aside one page each day that is dedicated to your goal or your theme. Each time you read it, you should focus on what it is that you are reading about, what it says and what you need to do to achieve it. This way, you keep your motivation up and you will soon find that you are staying motivated while writing.

If you find yourself becoming disinterested with what you are writing, take a break. Many times authors will find that they have too much inspiration or too many ideas flowing through their head and that they get to a stand still before they can truly begin work on their book. It is important to allow your brain and body to rest for a while. Then, when you are able to think clearly again, you can come back and start writing once again.

Finally, the best method of how to stay motivated when writing a book is to simply keep writing. There is nothing better than working on a book, working through the last chapter before it is complete, and then finding that you have several pages left to write. You may not realize it at first, but there is a reason for this. The pages that you write before you turn in your book are actually burning off some of the excess energy that was stored up during the writing process. When you come to write the final chapter, you will be able to crank out the last few pages in no time. Your body will thank you, as it will now be able to deal with the extra workload without getting tired.

These methods for how to stay motivated when writing a book are all rather simple. Once you know how to properly approach the task, you should find that motivation begins to come easily to you. In addition, your brain will thank you for devoting the time necessary to completing your book. Once you have completed your first book, you should find that you continue to thrive as a writer, even if it took several years to get your first published.

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