How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight With Yahoo!

Yahoo Answers asked one of their users how to stay motivated to lose weight and thousands of replies flooded in. Some users were glad they got the chance to share their stories and how they overcame challenges as they shed those unwanted pounds. Most users however spoke of a desire to lose weight which was never strong but now their motivation levels have increased. Still, many were unsure how to go about staying motivated and thus didn’t give in to the tempting offers of certain weight loss programs advertised on Yahoo! Answers.

how to stay motivated to lose weight yahoo

Some users, however, didn’t even bother to register for any diet plan and just binged on whatever weight loss program came their way without bothering to check whether it was effective or not. One overweight user, for instance, answered the question with an indifferent tone. He said that he would give what he gained everyday to any weight loss program available. This user then revealed that he used to be a fat kid but now he has transformed into a lean and fit guy thanks to a solid diet plan.

This is how some get motivated to exercise, diet and workout. But how do you know if these answers are right for you? It’s not very easy to find out because the answers to your questions are based on your own life experience and what works for other people might not always work for you. The answer you get to these questions ultimately depends on what you are after and how much time and effort you’re willing to put in. If you don’t mind doing all the work and if you have the discipline to stick to your plan, then go ahead and give the best answer to Yahoo! Answers.

There are many websites on the internet offering solutions to common questions and solutions to more advanced questions. Yahoo! Answers offers diet plans, exercise plans, fitness centers, weight loss programs and weight watchers. All these are available for anyone who wants them.

In this case, one overweight guy wanted to know why he didn’t lose weight despite his regular exercises and eating healthy food. He did a lot of research and then discovered that his metabolism was running slow. He came to find out that his metabolism was running slow because he was storing up fat cells all over his body. He then found out that the weight loss program he signed up for helped him burn up all these excess fat cells easily and naturally. He now has lost 20 pounds in a month and continues to shed weight for the rest of his life.

Another yahoo! Answers user asked how to stay motivated to lose weight because her husband used to take her for long walks when she was overweight. She realized that with her husband being so active, she started to feel left out. Now she spends most of her time at home and she finds it hard to be around other people. She is trying to join a gym but she doesn’t know how to find one that’s not too expensive.

This question related to how to stay motivated to lose weight Yahoo! Answers user Jack wrote in a post that “there is nothing wrong with joining a gym, if your exercise routine will give you the stamina and confidence to follow it on a daily basis. I also know several women (and some men) who have gained back a significant amount of weight after they enrolled in a weight loss program. However, one of these women was very strict about staying on the program – even after she lost the weight she still wasn’t shedding those extra pounds. Her approach to dieting was different from the ones mentioned above: she would only eat organic food and drink organic water (and even these two habits caused her to gain weight).

There are many weight loss Yahoo! Answers users asking how to stay motivated to lose weight, and the best answers are the ones that inspire you to take action instead of shying away from it. You don’t have to go for extreme weight loss methods if you don’t want to, as long as you are willing to follow a sensible diet plan and keep yourself motivated throughout the process. Stay tuned for my next article for more advice on how to get started with a healthy and effective weight loss program.

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