How to Stay Motivated in Sales on a Daily Basis

Stay Positive All the Time with these 5 Tips

Tip 1: Isolate yourself from all the negatives.

It may seem obvious but the first thing you can do is limit the amount of negative stuff that even has a chance to enter your brain. Specifically, avoid negative people in your life and as much negative news as possible. On the contrary, intentionally hang out with those that you know are positive as well as focus on adding positive news and affirmations to your brain. This gives you insight on how to stay motivated in sales.

There have been plenty of studies that show that the brain is not capable of having two thoughts at once, so if you have a negative thought, replace it with a positive one as quick as possible.

Either positive or negative we develop habitual ways of thinking. You can’t really get too much of a good thing in this case. As much as possible, watch, listen, and read as much positive and uplifting information as you can.

Another good tip is to keep in mind that you are who you hang out with the most.

Tip 2: Come to grips with the fact that there will be problems.

There are going to be days when life tries to run you over. It is just life and problems come with it and some will be bigger than others. Accept that you will run into problems from time to time and it is good to be prepared, however, don’t turn being prepared into being worried about things that have not even happened.

If you look at problems as challenges and learning opportunities it can be a little easier to tackle them.

Choose to steam-roll your problems and not let them steam-roll you. Be in control of your problem. Stop your problem, don’t let your problem stop you.

You decide which one you will be in life, the windshield or the bug. Get up as soon as possible if you get knocked down.

There have been studies that show correlation to the amount of time it takes someone to recover and not stay down after a personal crisis, the shorter amount of time shows the person is happier and financially successful.

Aim to be the person that can get through these events quickly and make it out OK faster. Knowing there will always be problems is a good way to know how to stay motivated in sales.

Tip 3: It is important to have a support system on standby.

In good time and bad, you must have people that you can talk to. It is not about dumping your negativity on to these people, it is more about having them to talk through your emotion or difficulty so they can help you turn around your tough day. This will help refuel you for the next day.

Life and happiness are all about people. You want to have a good social life outside of work, as well as good, solid relationships. People in sales work hard, are often on the phone doing cold calls, and have rigid, fast-paced schedules. It is important to create balance in health, play, and work in order to be happy and feel good.

Professionally, it is a good idea to be a part of a mastermind group, have a mentor, and even more importantly, have someone in your life that can hold you accountable to your dreams and goal. This way if you get off track they will be the one that will call you our and encourage you to get back on track.

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Tip 4: Be sure to have a Powerful WHY. This is very important for how to stay motivated in sales.

If you have a powerful WHY in your life, then you will know what is important to you and why you go to work in sales every day, if you know your why, then nothing can get in your way. One thing is for sure, if you just roll out of bed in the morning and go through the motions and you don’t know why you do what you do, you will never be motivated.

Decide what you really want out of life if you need a powerful WHY. If you could have a perfect life, what would that look like for you?

What would you like for your friends and for your family?

What would you like to ultimately be able to do? Work hard at determining your personal motivation because motivation is different for everyone.

You want to find your highest level of motivation and this will pay off in the end. You will be able to get through anything with a powerful WHY.

Tip 5: Accept 100% responsibility for your to stay motivated in sales

This includes health, what you eat every day if you exercise daily if you work on your relationships, etc. Most people you run into on a daily basis will be a reflection of you, so if you don’t like their reaction to something, change your reaction to them and usually, everything will change for the better.

Take 100% responsibility for your professional life, for how many sales calls you are making, for how many leads you are getting, and finally, how many sales you are getting. In order to be truly successful in sales and in life, you must move forward no matter what.

You must take responsibility for your life because everyone eventually after their careers become less important to the economy and job market, but the things that remain important are a reflection of what you did when you were living the grind. If you can accept this challenge, then this will help with how to stay motivated in sales. You will also be in the top percent of people that actually take responsibility for themselves and their lives. This will only make you a better person in all aspects of life.

How to Stay Positive When Sales Are Down – How to stay motivated in sales

Some industries are experiencing tough economic times and you may be seeing a dip in your sales. Some industries are more fortunate than others in a sense that their sales numbers rarely differ from month to month. The food and grocery or pharmaceutical industries are good examples because even in tough times, people will always buy food and purchase their needed medications.

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In industries such as mobile, advertising, insurance, etc, they may experience large fluctuations or even downward trends. This is not saying that all these industries are suffering at the moment, but there is some truth that when money is tight, people are more likely to buy food than they are on advertising or some of the others mentioned.

The economy is certainly not in our control and we can only control so much in our environment and this is true for sales people too. It may be prudent to spend your time on stuff you can control and not waste energy on things we cannot control. Focus on controlling YOU!

This may be easier said than done on how to stay motivated for sales, but what makes a good salesperson is their positive attitude. There are a couple reasons that your clients purchase from you. You may be very knowledgeable or even an expert in your field, but even more important than that, they genuinely like you. It is simple, they have to like you.

This is a good tip on how to stay motivated in sales. Because if they do not like you, then, of course, they are going to find someone else that they do like and buy things from them. Simple as that.

So you need to work on staying positive. So take some time to identify some of your slow accounts and reach out to those accounts in the most friendly of ways. Invite these clients out one by one and meet them at a coffee shop.

Buy them a coffee and see if you can brainstorm on how you can get more business from them. While you are waiting for the market to stabilize, continue to hunt for new clients, services, and discuss products. Make this a new daily habit in your sales life.

You may find some new ways to grow your sales by doing this. You will feel way better after your meeting, even if you do not gain any new accounts or business.

Even if the client does not show up, bring that book on your shelf that has been sitting for the longest time, and take an hour to start reading it. You will feel refreshed and energized to go back to the office to work on more sales strategies.

This is an absolutely awesome way to stay motivated in sales and continue to be prepared each and every day. If you need a pick me up, try reading this book called Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz. This will absolutely charge you up right away, it is impossible to read this book and not feel energized and motivated.

Hit the Gym.

This is a great time to hit the gym. In this post we talked a lot about how to stay motivated in sales and staying healthy is at the top of importance.

Get energized at the gym by running, walking, lifting weights, riding the bike, doing yogo, swimming, or anything else your gym has. Successful people in sales know that they must incorporate exercise into their daily or weekly lives. Most salespeople are multi-taskers that are always very busy. While at the gym, you can listen to motivational podcasts or music.

All of these activities listed will surely help you to maintain a good positive attitude as well as always have the sharp edge over your competition. Keep your head up, keep your shoulders back, and most importantly, keep smiling.

You can dominate the sales game. You just have to realize that downtimes do not last forever and after the dust settles, you can make it out with full buzz and energy. All of these tips hopefully will help you on how to stay motivated in sales.

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