How to Stay Motivated During College – A True Story About Martha

Spend time making your studies your priority. Overcome procrastination by prioritizing what needs to be done around studying.

Adjust your diet, sleep, and family structure gradually to accommodate your studies.

Create a realistic goal early in the academic year and commit to it with a harder focus than previous years.

Recognize that frustration and doubt are inevitable. Stay positive, keep striving and never let anything stand in your way.

Volunteer instead of moving your study habits to fit a busy schedule often found in academic families.

If you need extra help, talk to an academic advisor.

Martha’s Story

Martha claims she will stay present in college just because it involves working on something important. “But whenever teacher becomes available it is on their terms. Nothing ever yields the work I wanted.”

Martha has also been put through a process to evaluate her life socially. Martha claims that the way it is now is not what she wanted her life to be. “I would have a better control over my life,” she said. In Martha’s view, this discontented state is only temporary, pointing to her goal: affiliation with men.

What is needed to make it in college?

Most college students begin with great motivation for their academic decisions. Most Students in Martha’s class are just aware of the importance of finishing their studies and getting into the workplace.

It is important for you to keep this picture of life and work in college in focus.

For Martha to gain friends she had to be the one to approach and contend with the busy and capricious workings of people.

This fast pace life is an unfamiliar part of a student’s life. Whatever goes on in life off campus is playing a huge role in how things are going to turn out for Martha.

The struggles with managing a full schedule were one main reason that Martha chose to drop out of college.

And what to do with the realization of having to go back to work for another year?

Martha’s first reaction is to regard her world with a new perspective. She told her family her decision had not been an easy one, but one thing she had going for herself was her desire to finish her education at the next year.

This means moving from the ideals of the impressive distance of a university to the excitement of going to a different environment.

When Martha started working at the cigarette manufacturer the corporation called in order to:” cap off her work experience.”

She readily agreed but was also concerned that she is not in a position to be promoted ahead of the other people already there.

Martha came to accept her situation, as she was already finishing her studies. She began:

In her first year at the cigarette company, she said, she never demanded much from her employer – as they had 18 employees and were willing to work her overtime.

She still felt the issue would be viewed as oversleeping.

She admitted that in the first few months of employment she made little progress in her studies. But she didn’t let this slow her down as she won’t be leaving the company until she passes the Lie ASC exams.

She will continue to cow proof ever since she has established firm ground in her mind. She grew further closer to her employer as she began to relate with employees better than before.

Her progress has also made her follow her heart’s desire: to be a painter, without being an artist.

Martha learned that when there was no passion at the center of her life, anything seemed like an effort to merge in.

In her final year at the cigarette company, she had the opportunity to paint as a project for the Smile Foundation – which she volunteers to complete every month in honor of the anniversary of the death of their founder Rose India.

She completed a smaller work that was turned into a mini portrait. She hopes to teach people to appreciate the art of this type of work – when avoiding the subject of any kind in order to learn how, not to conform to any ideal.

These mini-port spoofs are said to trigger different kinds of thought processing as they make people realize what is important and what isn’t.

The way in which Martha has chosen to proceed in life, and the techniques she has relied on to get herself focused and to continue to motivate herself around her studies, have revealed many things about herself. It has shown her strengths and weaknesses, her capacity for joy and her challenges as well as her greatest achievements.

On Martha’s path to discover what she is truly passionate about was poignant – she called upon the beautiful richness that life and can offer, and the magnitude of her desire as a result of love.

She found out that beautiful moments are where we sometimes lose our connection to ourselves. Once these moments are over, they don’t trigger as much as we used to.

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