How to Stay Motivated During a Fast

how to stay motivated during a fast

How to Stay Motivated During a Fast

Are you wondering how to stay motivated during a fast? Well I can totally relate to your situation. I have been there before and I know exactly how that feels like. So here are some tips that I hope will help you out.

Stay safe and positive! another is written on the palm of your hand when you think of bingeing or quitting, but yet you dont do it anyway. and at the end of a day or in the middle of your fast you could look down and realize how many times yount given up!

It helps a great deal with fasting, as you cant push away from the things that are bad. When you drink tons of water during a fast this will help in cleansing out your system. It might also help to cut out caffeine, as it will keep you awake. The reason for this is because caffeine is one of those “base” foods that are needed, but that “base” needs to be balanced by other foods.

I am not going to say eating anything at a certain hour will make you fast, because it will not. What I am recommending is eating something at a certain hour on certain days of the week. If you eat something on Monday morning you will be eating something on Friday afternoon and then eating something on Saturday morning. Eating your food in this manner will help you stick to your diet.

Another tip for eating your food at a certain hour of the day means youre fasting on Friday afternoon, and then eating something on Sunday morning. This works great, especially if you have an early morning meeting. Just remember to avoid doing this while taking a coffee break, or you will get “amped”. Sometimes I will do this when I know I will have an appointment. It will keep me in good physical condition, so I will not feel sorry for what I am doing.

I will recommend intermittent fasting in order to get the best results possible, but I do not think it is a good main plan. There is no way to get everything you need all at once. You could possibly go overboard and end up gaining too much weight and being sick from all the extra food.

I recommend having a weekly plan that you follow. You can do something different every week. I dont think anyone should give up during a challenge. My suggestion is you should have a small x mark with a red line through it every time your stomach feels like its about to explode.

When you do this, just think of the little red x that means your stomach is going to explode if you do not stop now. That little x will motivate you to get started on a better plan to get your nutrition where it needs to be, so you dont have to go through that again. I personally like intermittent fasting. I eat my food at a certain hour of the day, and I know that if I dont I wont have to deal with that feeling. If you dont want to go through that during the week, I suggest you stick to your main plan and get everything you need all through the week.

During the week I also make sure I eat my food slowly. I don’t rush myself. I usually start by having a small snack and work my way up to a larger sized meal. You should take into consideration what your body will require before you start any diet change. If you have a lot on you to lose, you should probably slow down.

If you have a hard time following a plan, and you drink tons of liquids, maybe you should consider having a support group. There are plenty of support groups on the internet. I think it would be beneficial for you to join one and get some advice from others. I was able to stick with it because I had family and friends who are always there to help. They may just be able to help you stick with it a little longer if they see how much you are struggling.

In conclusion, living life is all about making little changes in your daily routines. It is not always about achieving goals that have been set for you. People who get motivated achieve more than those people who don’t. Learn how to stay motivated during a fast by making small changes. If you keep doing that you should be able to accomplish anything.

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