How to Stay Motivated by Zig Ziglar

“How To Stay Motivated” by Zig Ziglar is a motivating book for almost everyone. For those of you who do not read motivational books, it is about a man named Zig Ziglar, who wrote a book to help people think and act more motivated. In this particular book, Ziglar shares his experiences and how he was able to overcome problems that kept him from being highly motivated. The main theme in the book is that motivation comes from within. You have to create the opportunities within yourself to act on what you want.

I personally liked “How To Stay Motivated” so much because it changed my life. It changed my relationship with my word and with my own self-esteem. It changed the way I look at success, and why I believe we can’t really measure achievement until we feel the consequences of our actions. Because of this, I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for new ways to motivate themselves.

One thing that is very clear in this book is that Ziglar realized that people don’t act motivated simply because they are good at doing so. In fact, there is a lot more to motivation than meets the eye. When you read this book, you learn how to take the right actions to keep you motivated. Ziglar even gives you some tests to see if you are really motivated or just sitting around. After reading this, I definitely felt more motivated and I would read this again.

Like most motivational books, “How To Stay Motivated” does have its flaws. First, it’s not a book for everybody. If you are really frustrated with something in your life, this book may not be for you. Because it is so specific, you might not apply the concepts it explains. However, if you are willing to read and put in the work, you can reap the rewards.

What I like about this book is that Ziglar is so positive. He tells you that negativity will only bring you negative results. For instance, if you are negative about getting a promotion, you won’t achieve your goal of having a promotion. On the other hand, if you are positive about getting a promotion, you will. Ziglar even tells you to write down what it is you want to achieve and motivate yourself to work towards it.

Another great part of this book is that Ziglar makes it clear that you don’t have to wait for success to motivate yourself. You can actually get things done even when you don’t feel like it. That’s one of the reasons why I like to read motivating books like this.

Finally, another thing I like about “How To Stay Motivated” is that Ziglar gives specific suggestions on how to stay motivated. For instance, one thing he does in the book is tell you how important your diet is. He says that you must learn what foods give you what nutrients and then make sure you eat them enough. I also like that he gives you examples of when certain foods might not be a good choice.

Overall, “How To Stay Motivated” is a very helpful little book for those of us who need help with getting motivated. It is very easy to read and doesn’t have too many difficult techniques or formulas. Still, I think the real value is in Ziglar’s message that you don’t need to wait for success to motivate yourself. You can do it now and achieve your goal no matter what circumstances you face. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to get motivated.

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