How to Make the 3 Most Important Choices for Your Day


We make 100’s of choices every day. Choices range from, ‘what do I wear?’ to “do I call in sick today?’ to “what shall I watch on tv tonight?’

But the top 3 choices that need to be made each day will create the flow of your day and possibly the flow of those that are affected by your choices. We are free to choose but we are NOT free from the results of those choices.


Choice #1

Positive or negative outlook for your day. Whether it is in the grocery store or in the workplace, we sometimes forget that our attitudes affect those around us. We cannot know what kind of day or what path others are on. It is selfish behavior to not consider how our mood affects others.

Choice #2

Mid day down time. We all need a break in our day. What do we do on that break? Is it productive? Does it strengthen our bodies? Does it motivate or replenish our spirit? Being specific on what to do or not to do would only make me guilty of robbing others of their freedom to choose. For me, my down time could include reading, listening to my favorite music, looking around and marveling at God’s creation and just being thankful. To me, Facebook, surfing the internet or playing mindless games does the complete opposite of relaxing my mind and improving my outlook for my day.

Only you know what is best for you. By making the right choices in your down time you are guaranteed to feel more relaxed, uplifted, stimulated to continue your day.


Choice #3

Interacting with those closest to us. There is an old proverb that says we tend to hurt those closest to us. Although this tends to be more true than not, just as a side note, I do not believe in old proverbs. What I do believe in is that we are a composite of all our choices. So no matter what we face during the day, whether positive or negative, we tend to allow those things to mold our behavior.

That is what we give in return to those closest to us. We must always remember who we are and to give thanks to God for all that we have. We can then draw strength from those closest to us or give them of our strength. Putting the needs of others before your own will have the most amazing beneficial effect on our minds and bodies.

It is not whether we go to church or not. It is not in the abundance of prayers that we utter. It is all in our behavior. It is written in the Bible that God looks at the heart. He knows our motives. How we treat others. My website tries to cover many aspects of our behavior. Please join me.

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