How to Be Motivated to Do Those Tough Tasks


By Ryan McCormack

It’s easy to allow yourself to slip into the habit of procrastination. But what is Procrastination? It simply means putting off those tasks that you really should be doing but don’t. The reason for doing that is simply, that you feel more joy not doing those tasks than you would if you did them.

The problem is we can put them off too much and fall into a hole that we may struggle to dig ourselves out of. That’s what we must avoid, but to do that we must learn to become motivated. Easier said than done especially with those less desirable tasks, such as taking the garbage out or even paying a bill.

So how can we become motivated to do those kind of tasks?

We must learn to change how we feel about those mundane tasks. To do this we have to change what we see in our heads and how we imagine ourselves completing the task at hand.

If we can do that then we will replace the images of pain that we have when we think of those tasks and replace them with images of satisfaction instead.

So that’s what to do but now it’s time to find out how to do it. How do we change the images in our heads? We must learn to think more along the lines of what will happen if we do not do those tasks. What will your house look like if you don’t take out the rubbish? What will it smell like after the rubbish has sat there for a while? What will your Partner say? You must learn to imagine this in great detail and feel like you’re really living it now.

You must learn to feel pain from not doing it. The other example of not paying your bills can be a lot more severe and is a good example. If you fail to pay your bills you may be taken to court, end up in debt, go to prison and even end up losing your family. Very extreme I know, but if you can get yourself to begin imagining situations such as this then you have definitely managed to get yourself to feel pain when procrastinating.

For many the feeling of pain

will be enough to simply jump in and get those tasks done right away. But for others it may require practice. The more you practice techniques such as this the easier is becomes.

Of course there is no better motivator than just getting things done now. If you feel that you really don’t want to do something learn to make yourself do it now and you will feel better once it’s completed. The more often you do undesirable tasks the easier is becomes. You will be making a habit that will be difficult to break a habit that can set you up for life, because once you get started, who knows what else you can achieve?

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