He Has No Hands Yet This 15 Yr Old Plays Lead Piano In An Orchestra & He’s So Good We Got Chills!

Alexey Romanov is a 15 year old from, Zelenodolsk, Russia. He started playing the piano at age 13, and he is incredibly talented. What makes his performance so amazing is the fact that he is self taught and was born with no hands. He also has only one leg. His passion for music and his ability to let nothing get in the way of him doing what he loves, is such an inspiration for anyone who has struggles or obstacles to overcome in their lives.

When the chief conductor of the, Kazan Chamber Orchestra La Primavera, heard Alexey play piano without hands, he was beyond stunned and impressed at his abilities. In this video Alexey is playing with the orchestra, and as you can see he has mastered the piano while playing the music of, “Twilight.” Nothing has stopped him in the least from excelling at the piano, and after listening to him play it is easy to see he’s got such wonderful talent to share with this world. We look forward to seeing more from him as he continues honing his musical gift. If you enjoyed this video please be sure to share it with your family and friends, and help inspire them to work toward their dreams too.

source: https://faithreel.org/he-has-no-hands-15-yr-old-plays-lead-piano-in-orchestra/

This is one of those videos that makes you realize everything that you do have and to be most grateful for it. Secondly if you are struggling to find motivation to do something in your life physically or mentally, all barriers and obstacles can be beaten and Alexey Romanov is proof that anything is possible in this world.

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