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If you are a person working all day at the computer, you will certainly like the idea of incorporating exercise into the workday. The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is a mixture of training equipment and office furniture in one. The chair is designed for a medium height, between 5 feet and 5 “11. It would be perfect, working by encouraging the inner muscles to work during the sitting position, smoothing the back until it becomes its normal position. It’s not tall enough to support the top of your back; it is only 2.5 feet long. This is good because it discourages you from bending forward or backward, which allows you hold yourself as a measurement position if you’re still in the correct position.

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It takes a bit of assembly so that the chair is ready for use, but the instructions are effortless, and it takes about five minutes or less. The size of the ball that comes with the chair is perfect for anyone between “5 and 5’11”.


The ball is stable and comfortable and provides sufficient support to prevent pain in the buttocks, legs, arms, and back. The rear rollers are installed with locking wheels while the front rollers are regular. You can try adjusting the following closures if you want to stay securely in place or disable them if you prefer to move while you work. A great thing about this model is that you can remove the exercise ball from the chair. This allows smooth reintegration to ensure you always have the perfect hardness to keep you at ease. The ball itself can be used for yoga exercises separately from the inside, significantly increasing the efficiency of the object.


The black chair is a durable design that can hold up to 300 pounds of weight. An assembly may be required after receiving the product, but it is supplied with an air pump so you can start as soon as possible. Gaiam Balance Ball Chair also comes with a desktop guide that essentially helps users move around even when seated. As for the weight of the structure, it is estimated at only 13 pounds, which allows easy transport.


Regarding health benefits, it has been shown that the chair works against all the hassles caused by the prolonged use of conventional chairs. You can align the spine and promote healthy posture that becomes apparent even when you decide to get up. Comments have also been very positive, and many buyers have pointed out how this has helped them get better results in the office. However, please note that it may be necessary to reintroduce the ball after the first few days to ensure that it fits perfectly into the seating groove. This is completely normal because the ball needs time to stretch to reach its optimal size.

Rating is 4 stars

Finally, it does not matter if you’re new to yoga or merely looking for a replacement product: Gaiam Balance chairs are the perfect choice to meet your needs. Overall, I will rate this product a 4 star.

gaiam balance ball

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It is important to note that you do not have to be involved with practicing yoga at all in order to get great use and results from the fitness balance ball. Anyone that sits for long periods of time at a desk can reap huge benefits from using this balance ball. You can reduce the chance of getting back pain or even worse having your back “blown out” or even going into spasms.

Have you had back-pain before?

I personally have had lower backpain since I was about 16 years old. At 6 foot 1 and a half I am prone to lower back problems. I have this balance ball and it has reduced the amount of times my back is actually flared up or in pain. So if you are looking at improving your back strength and reducing back pain, this Gaiam balance chair might just be the thing you are looking for. You can check the current price here if you would like. Thanks for reading, I hope it helped!

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