Free Speech: Is It Dangerous For Someone To Believe Critically In Today’s World?

It is not likely that they will have to fret about saying the incorrect thing if someone goes along with the status quo. Through accepting what they have actually been informed by the mainstream media, political leaders, and exactly what they have learned whilst they remained in the education system, amongst other things, they will have the ‘right” thoughts and ‘ideal’ method of looking at the world.

The First Part – Topics for Free Speech

This is then no difference to how only specific things can be enabled to grow in a garden and, if anything else grows, it will be pulled out. A gardener will achieve this outcome by only planting specific seeds.

In the same way, the people in power will do exactly what they can to define exactly what people say, by doing whatever they can to control what enters into their minds. So, what grows in a garden is merely a reflection of what has actually been planted, and what comes out of someone’s mouth will also be a reflection of exactly what they have absorbed.

It Does Not Always Work

However, while a garden enthusiast can put seeds into the ground, it doesn’t suggest that weeds will not grow. And, while individuals in power can do whatever they can to manage exactly what goes into people’s minds, it does not imply that everything will go to strategy.

There are constantly going to be people who do not accept what they are informed, implying that they will pertain to their own conclusion. What is occurring in their mind will then be different, and this will lead to them stating things that are various.


When this occurs, somebody won’t just accept exactly what they are told; they will believe on their own. So, in the same way that this person is likely to be using the body that they have actually been provided, they are going to be using the brain, too.

It could be said that this is what should be done; after all, what would be the point in having a brain if it isn’t utilized? However, this is the last thing that individuals in power want to occur.


Still, it would not be precise to state that these individuals need to keep individuals inline, as the people who believe for themselves can be kept inline by the individuals who don’t. The way that they see the world can be seen as the fact, which will trigger them to think that they are right.

Thus, if one has a various outlook and questions the control story; they can wind up being slandered. One can be labelled with a word that has an ‘ist’ at the end of it, or they could be informed that they have some type of phobia.

A Big Risk

It is then going to be lot easier for somebody to keep their views to themselves, that’s if they have views that are different. If they say the wrong thing at the incorrect time, they might lose their task, their buddies and/or even have a visit from the police.

Yet, if one was to keep their head down and to go along to get along, they should be great. Likewise, if one’s ideas and beliefs compare with exactly what is seen as ‘acceptable’ and the ‘fact’, there is going to be no factor for them to stress.

Nobody Is Safe

Even so, just because somebody says the wrong things at one time, it doesn’t mean that they will not end up stating the incorrect thing at another. For instance, one might state something one day and it will be great, but if they were to say the very same thing on another day, they could be in for huge shock.

Therefore, even if one does toe the line, there is no assurance that they will not come under attack. When someone does support what could be called the ‘loud minority’, they might even see themselves as being ‘brave’ and ‘bold’.

An Example

This would be similar to somebody joining an army of invaders after their tribe has been more or less wiped out and seeing themselves as heroic. Clearly, this was the most convenient thing that they could have done.

What would have taken genuine strength would have been for them to stand their ground or for them, together with the remaining members of their tribe, to seek pastures brand-new. When it comes to the people who make one of the most noise, these are frequently the ones who hold positions of power.

Weighing Up the Pros and Cons

Taking all this into account, one might look into would might happen if they share their views openly and choose to act as though they are on board with the dominant story. Exactly what they state in public will not reflect what they really believe, but it will enable them to reside in a society that does not motivate complimentary thought and free speech.

By doing this, they can continue to believe on their own but it won’t have an unfavorable result on their income. Exactly what they lose through doing this is comprised by what they gain by playing along.


They are more most likely to be taught what to believe than how to believe when someone goes to school. Ergo, when their time in the education system has actually concerned an end, it is not likely that they will have the ability to think seriously.

They will be most likely to bow to authority and to accept exactly what they are told, consequently making them easy to control. Ideally, the education system would offer somebody desire they have to grow on this planet, instead of moulding them into someone who will unconsciously serve the people in power and keep the status quo alive.

Once again, if the education system exists to indoctrinate kids and not to educate them, why would they be taught how to think? It would not make any sense for this to take place.

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