Fashion Brands Launch Campaign to Stop Slavery in Supply Chains

Stella McCartney and People Tree among the companies taking action in partnership with charity International Justice Mission

From clothes to shoes and even makeup, many of the products we wear and use every day have slavery within their supply chains. An estimated 25 million people are in forced labour or slavery worldwide.

Now, anti-slavery charity International Justice Mission (IJM) has teamed up with 15 fashion brands, including Stella McCartney and People Tree, to take action on the subject. They have created a campaign to show UK consumers how they can help prevent slavery in supply chains.

Charlotte Instone, expert in ethical supply chain and founder of online ethical retail fashion retailer Know The Origin, said: “The fashion industry is one of the top industries built on the back of slavery. Slavery occurs from agriculture to factory work. It is not limited to poor working conditions, but manifests itself in daily physical, verbal and sexual abuse that clothing workers are confronted with.

“There are ways in which we can produce clothing and shop with confidence that we not only buy products that are produced by slavery, but also actively tackle this.”

The campaign encourages people to make ‘slave free’ normal by buying ethically, including: champion brands that take action against slavery; ask their favorite brands what action they are taking to stop exploitation in their supply chains; and support agencies such as IJM in tackling the problem at the source.

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