Denver Schools Are Handing Out Free Meals This Summer So No Kids Go Hungry


This Colorado city is stepping up its game so that nobody is starving over the summer season.

The city of Denver just revealed that over 60 of their public schools would be serving totally free breakfast and lunch to kids aged 18 years or more youthful.

The Summertime Meal Program was created as a means of making sure that of their trainees who depend upon school lunches can still have access to a healthy meal– even when school is out.
You don’t have to be a DPS trainee or a Denver resident to eat totally free, either. Even parents are provided with a reduced meal for $2 breakfasts and $3.50 lunches.

” We want to ensure throughout the summer that each kid has the chance to have some food in their bellies– to make sure that they have something to eat,” said Leonard Apodaca of the DPS Food and Nutrition Services.

” Seeing their smiling faces, it’s … it’s simply excellent. It’s very gratifying,” he added

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  • July 3, 2018 at 11:06 am

    I came here because you are following DailyBiblePrayer now. I pray these daily prayers will help deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ. And that you will hear God’s voice in your daily life.
    Glad to read about two young boys who kept up their friendship across time and distance. Thanks for sharing positive news! Laura


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