6 Top Tips for Life as a Social Worker

Social work is a rewarding job but it is tough. There are a few things that you can do to make sure your day goes well. Read this article by Tradewind Social Care.


Take a Lunch Break


Even if it is only for a short ten-minute break, just move away from your desk and get something to eat. This often sounds like one of the hardest things to do but with a little conscious effort, it can be accomplished. If you are a manager, be sure to remind your staff of the importance of taking regular breaks.


It is essential for your eyes your tummy and your soul pull yourself from the desk and move around for a bit. It is not likely that you will be able to take breaks every day, and there will be times when things happen that take longer than expected and suddenly by the end of the day you find you didn’t get a chance for your much-needed break. But, this is obviously the exception, not the rule and you can take a few 10-minute breaks most days.


Have a sense of humor


You will need to bring the last line of defence against the chaos and futility of the universe, a good sense of humor. Obviously, there will be a time and place for levity, but never forget that the sunny side of the street is going to be easier on the eyes. You may as well learn to make light of poo and pee topics as you will be discussing it quite a bit.


Have another pen


Oh, this one is more important than you can possibly know. It is simply not possible to have enough pens you can’t expect that the stationary cabinet is going to have the black biro pen you really need when you really need it.  Always grab a couple if you see it has been restocked. Keep some extras in your drawer, three in the car and one in your pocket at all times. In all truth, this point alone should have been number 1. Your day will come to a standstill for want of pen.


Always have something to engage service users


Almost as important as proper writing tools, you should keep an assortment of friendly contingency plans at the ready. This could be a box of crayons and coloring books for kids, maybe little dolls or figurines, squishy-stress relievers for adults or even just a joke to restore the positivity of the encounter and encourage some smiles.


There will be times when you may have to spend a long time with a person in a variety of unexpected situations and this can be stressful if you aren’t planned. So, plan a diversion and a distraction that allows the people you are forced to wait to be a little more manageable.


Get to know local resources


This one is going to be very important in saving time and getting things done. Be sure to know the services in operation in your area. As you will have to be working with them more than you know. Whatever you will be doing, be sure to identify the local departments you will be in communication with. This includes the police, housing and health services as well as the job center and many other public services.


If you really want to get ahead of the game here, consider having a pocketbook filled with names and numbers. This can also be done with a vital contact list on your computer but having this in a book will score you some points with your colleagues as you will be able to pull this out and furnish other with names and numbers when they need it. Keep a careful record of all the useful data on your professional personnel as well. You will need not only the name and number of a reputable pediatrician but also the name and number of their secretary.


Keep up to date


You will never be as up to date with your policies and legislation as you are right now. As of right now you have a better view of your situation than most of your colleagues because you haven’t yet built that tunnel vision that restricts the view outside you practice radius. To keep this cultivated properly, you will need to keep up to date as much as possible.


Be sure you have an email address or two dedicated to keeping up to date with the news in your social world. Be sure you have a folder in your desktop where you can drop everything that is useful to building this larger view.

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