3 Simple Tools For Time Management

There are no hard and fast rules about what tools you
must own, if you are going to embark on a mission to
improve your time management skills. The following
simple tools, however, are inexpensive and can help

make the process of tracking, planning, and organizing
your time easier and less burdensome.

Time Monitor Journal– This resource comes in both the
digital and traditional varieties. It is useful in
helping you to monitor and record your own use of
time, in order to identify key areas for change.

While a special journal is not needed, you may find
that a ready-made one saves you time in the long run,
by doing the majority of the work for you prior to the
actual recording of your activities.

Planner– Available in digital and traditional formats,
planners are wonderful for recording goals, making
notes, keeping track of appointments and more. A
planner is a must-have to help you stay organized and
on target, when working toward your goals.

Select a planner that allows you enough room to keep
track of a number of appointments and daily goals, but
that is small enough so that you are able to carry it
with you at all times.

Organizer– These can be useful for planning a specific
project, or managing a number of projects all at the
same time. Digital and traditional versions of project
organizers are available that can help you stay on top
of the job.

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